Best Review of Mizuno Lady Wave Inspire 8 Running Shoes - 7.5

Mizuno Lady Wave Inspire 8 Running Shoes - 7.5Best Review of Mizuno Lady Wave Inspire 8 Running Shoes - 7.5

With so many available right now, it is wise to have a brand you can trust. The Mizuno Lady Wave Inspire 8 Running Shoes - 7.5 is certainly that and will be a superb purchase. For this reduced price, the Mizuno Lady Wave Inspire 8 Running Shoes - 7.5 comes widely recommended and is a regular choice for many people.

  • *UPDATED* Mizuno Dual Fan Wave Plate - The Dual Fan Wave Plate in the Inspire 8 has been adjusted to reduce pressure on the heel as well being extended in the midfoot and side fin on the medial side to prevent late-phase over pronation.
  • *NEW* Smoothride Flex Controllers - New Smoothride components have been added to make the maximise the energy transition from heel to forefoot, giving you a smoother step and improved performance through optimal energy transferral through the step.
  • *NEW* AP+ (Acceleration Polymer) Midsole - Lighter, more durable midsole compound that increases comfort levels superbly for the Inspire range.
  • *UPDATED* Heel Construction - The back heel edge has been moved forward by 4mm to accommodate a more cushioned heelstrike. The heel wedge has also been increased by 2mm to create a softer heel contact.
  • Gender Engineering - This shoe is gender specific to women.Research carried out by Mizuno has indicated that there is a significant difference between the biomechanics of men's and women's running gaits. The tests revealed that the angle velocity and speed of pronation is higher in women than in men. The research also found that the transition of the foot strike is slower in men than in women and also the angle of the foot stirke is more severe in women than in men. Due to this reasearch Mizuno

Product Description

The Mizuno Lady Wave Inspire 8 is the latest edition of support running shoe which is the most comfortable and responsive Inspire to date. Introduced for the first time in the Inspire range is the AP+ Midsole, a highly cushioned, more lightweight and durable compound making this support shoe supremely more comfortable, as well as feeling lighter and lasting longer. SmoothRide Flex Controllers have also been introduced which encourage a more natural running gait through effective energy transmission from the heelstrike through the forefoot allowing for improved performance in every step. The Dual Fan Wave plate has also been adjusted through repositioning, being placed more separately to reduce pressure points under the heel and arch. The heel wedge has been raised 2mm and the outsole gauge increased by 3mm, to create a softer heel contact while improving support through over-pronation prevention. The collar has also been adjusted to reduce irritation and gives the shoes all round fantastic comfort and performance factors. The Lady Inspire 8 still features the best components of previous editions such as the VS-1 Cushioning Pad which grants extra protection and response to the heelstrike, Gender Engineering for a male/female specific fit and Dynamotion Fit which adapts the collar to your running style, reducing irritation and rubbing giving you the most comfortable ride possible.