Best Review Casio Adv Graphic Calculator FX-9860GII

Casio Adv Graphic Calculator FX-9860GIIBest Review Casio Adv Graphic Calculator FX-9860GII

With so many available today, it is good to have a brand you can recognise. The Casio Adv Graphic Calculator FX-9860GII is certainly that and will be a superb purchase. For this price, the Casio Adv Graphic Calculator FX-9860GII is highly recommended and is a popular choice with lots of people.

  • Natural Textbook Display
  • Battery powered (4 x AAA batteries - included)
  • Backlit Display
  • USB port and cable included
  • Upgradable Flash ROM

Product Description

?Back-lit display for use in poor lighting conditions
?Natural Display simplification of expressions and answers
?Dynamic Geometry application
?GCD Greatest Common Divisor and LCM Lowest Common Multiple
?Chi-squared Goodness Of Fit

?Suitable for GCSE, A Level and Higher examinations
?Natural Display or S-VPAM operating system
?Icon Menu
?Dot matrix display
?Auto power off
?Battery life: 220 hours continuous operation
?Snap on Cover
?1.5 Mb RAM - 64kb ROM total memory
?USB and 3-pin communications port
?Mantissa + EXP: 10 + 2
?Memory Reset Key
?Programming language: BASIC - like
?Dimensions (mm): 184.5 (H) x 92.5 (W) X 24 (D)
?Dynamic graphing
?Memory Usage Display
?Numeric Equation Solver
?Data communciations with PC - PC Link
?TVM - Financial Calculations
?Free download for E-CON
?Angle measurements(DEG/RAD/GRA)
?Trigonometrics/Inverse Trigonometrics (SIN/COS/TAN)
?Logic Operations
?Logarithms (LOG/LN)
?Roots & Powers
?Complex numbers
?Coordinate conversion
?Combinations & permutations
?Function editing
?Random numbers
?Copy and paste
?CATALOG function
?Numeric Integration & differentiation
?Standard deviation
?10 Regression Types
?Broken Line Graph
?Scatter Graph
?Distribution Tests (Z, t, chi, ANOVA)
?Confidence intervals (Z & T)
?Box & Whisker
?Distributions (NORM/T/CHI/Fbinomial/poisson)
?Single and double variable
?Estimated values
?Graph sketch
?Graph solve
?Dual Screen
?Simultaneous graphing
?Graph memory
?Picture memory