Best Review Hazel hurdles fencing panel 6ft x 6ft

Hazel hurdles fencing panel 6ft x 6ftBest Review Hazel hurdles fencing panel 6ft x 6ft

With so many available these days, it is wise to have a name you can trust. The Hazel hurdles fencing panel 6ft x 6ft is certainly that and will be a excellent purchase. For this price, the Hazel hurdles fencing panel 6ft x 6ft is highly respected and is always a regular choice for many people.

  • Robust, beautiful and eco-friendly, ideal for the traditional English country garden
  • Will provide gardeners in the 21st Century with the opportunity to create a unique, natural look for modern urban spaces.
  • Hazel horizontals are large (1-2cm thick), appearing more like 'branches' of a tree, generally from 1 to 2cm thick giving a more sturdy and less delicate feel to your fencing
  • No need to use preservative, many people like to let the hurdles age naturally.
  • Alternatively, use any clear fence preservative

Product Description

Sizes: All hurdles are 6ft wide (1.83cm), with 3 heights: 3ft, 4ft 6 and 6ft.
They can be cut easily to reduce the height by cutting the verticals and removing unrequired horizontals. Width can be reduced by carefully cutting to ensure that the horizontals don't become unwoven. Alternatively, overlap adjacent hurdles to reduce width.


* We supply round posts that perfectly complement the hurdles (8ft long, 3 inch diameter £5.95). Attach with galvanised wire or cable ties, or screw in place.
* The posts can be placed behind the hurdles or in-between.