Best Reviews The Bradley Antique 30cm Diameter Globe

The Bradley Antique 30cm Diameter GlobeBest Reviews The Bradley Antique 30cm Diameter Globe

With so many available right now, it is good to have a name you can trust. The The Bradley Antique 30cm Diameter Globe is certainly that and will be a excellent purchase. For this price, the The Bradley Antique 30cm Diameter Globe comes widely recommended and is always a regular choice with lots of people.

  • Lightly raised relief - interesting to touch hand-finished surface
  • Antique style globe with modern cartography plus analemma symbol
  • Clearly defined boundaries between countries, presents over 4000 place names
  • Mahogany coloured real wood veneer base
  • Metal (gold coloured) semicircular meridian support- to allow spinning

Product Description

Please view product image closeups before purchasing this item. One of the most popular globes available, this 12 inch diameter product presents the world in an antique style but with modern cartography. This is a "raised relief" globe; mountain ranges can be physically felt by running fingertips over the surface of the sphere, this is a subtle but noticeable effect. Adjacent countries are coloured in a selection of soft earthy pastel shades, to give a political colour scheme. The colour darkens at boundaries between countries, to enhance them. Seas are a rich cream colour, with detail including ocean names. Fine lines of longitude and latitude are displayed, with a bold line for the Greenwich Meridian. This non-illuminated version of the Bradley Antique globe is a hand finished product. This means that no two globe spheres are exactly identical due to the method of manufacture and the craftsman's personal interpretation of land relief. The sphere is fabricated from MDF, with a surface layer made from printed and die-cut card. To make the globe's printed surface layer from an originally flat sheet, the print has to be die cut, so that it can form the convex shape needed. The semi circular half meridian is made of metal, and allows the globe to spin freely. The base is a square dark stained finished wood block, with a short matching wood "riser" to which the meridian is fixed.