Reviews Westone Westone 3 Headphones,Wired

Westone Westone 3 Headphones,WiredReviews Westone Westone 3 Headphones,Wired

With so many on offer these days, it is good to have a brand you can trust. The Westone Westone 3 Headphones,Wired is certainly that and will be a excellent buy. For this price, the Westone Westone 3 Headphones,Wired comes highly respected and is always a popular choice amongst lots of people.

  • Stunning sound quality
  • Triple drivers
  • Superb noise isolation
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Premium range of accessories

Product Description

Westone 3 True 3-Way Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones Audiophiles take heed this headphone could just tickle your 'audiophilic' earbuds! Triple balanced drivers simple appearance awesome sound quality. Are you ready for the Westone 3 In-ear headphones and the exceptional sound experience that comes with them? What's great about the Westone 3 In-Ear Headphones Triple Drivers - Like the famous SE535s the Westone 3 features triple drivers. These are not just stuck in their to give them the title of a triple driver headphone they are made to work in precision and in complete coherence. These headphones are for the connoisseurs of the audio world. Attractive and Robust Cabling - Westones cabling design is an eye catching feature in itself. Each wire is individually wrapped in black rubber then braided to form the entire cord. It looks neat but the end result we are assured gives you increased robustness and less microphonic noise distortion. Unbelievably comfortable - Not only do the Westone 3 Headphones sound fantastic they are also super comfortable. The lightweight design alongside the unique cabling ensures that your headphones won't stick out and will hold in place securely and comfortably! Excellent Acoustic Seal - Thanks to a vast array of eartips supplied with the Westone 3 in-ear headphones finding your perfect acoustic seal will be one of your first tasks. With 10 various sizes and styles included it might take you a short while to get the fit you desire but it's worth it! If you want the ultimate audio experience then you should most definitely be hunting your in-ear perfect seal the Westone 3 will then take you on a musical experience you never thought possible. Excellent Accessories - Apart from the awesome array of eartips to choose from you also get a handy carry case which is perfect for taking your headphones on holiday or when using them on the go a volume attenuator a jack adapter and a wax removal tool. Summary There is not much to say on the Westone 3.