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EstimatorXpressBest Reviews EstimatorXpress

With so many available recently, it is great to have a make you can trust. The EstimatorXpress is certainly that and will be a perfect purchase. For this price, the EstimatorXpress is widely recommended and is always a regular choice with most people.

  • #1. 100% accurate estimates
  • #2. Seriously simple to use
  • #3. Massive time savings on your normal estimating methods
  • #4. Live material price links
  • #5. All in 1 package for General Builders

Product Description

Award-winning EstimatorXpress estimating software produces accurate, professional estimates quickly and easily for you. It's the only estimating software to link you directly to your merchant prices and give you total project management control.

#1. Massive time savings
The reason for purchasing estimating software is to save you time and EstimatorXpress will do exactly that! Users are proven to cut their time estimating by more than half Rapid estimating calculators built into the software will cost and quantify all your materials, labour and plant to save you hours of time.
#2. 100% accurate estimates
EstimatorXpress has thousands of thoroughly tested in-built estimating calculators. The software doesn't make mistakes when tired or overworked. It won't forget the calculations and dimensions used if distracted for any reason, and it won't make errors in overlooking VAT, wastage, critical costs and/or profit.
#3. Seriously simple to use
Designed for the computer novice you simply input dimensions and quantities into on-screen drawings and EstimatorXpress does the hard work for you. Better still, you can import a complete set of plans when you combine EstimatorXpress with PlansXpress to make your estimating even quicker.
#4. Live material price links
Only with EstimatorXpress can you choose to link to tens of thousands of live material prices using the HBXL Price Tracker database. Plus you can choose to link your estimating software to one of our builder merchant partners including Travis Perkins, Jewson, Keyline, Builderwarehouse, Graham, Towcester Building Supplies and Champion Timber. Plus more coming soon...
#5. All in 1 package for General Builders
EstimatorXpress is the estimating software with everything you need for general building works in one box! With multiple editions just pick the one that's right for you then start estimating anything from new builds and extensions to renovations, conversions and smaller works.