Best Review Grizzly EHS710L Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

Grizzly EHS710L Long Reach Hedge TrimmerBest Review Grizzly EHS710L Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

With so many on offer these days, it is wise to have a name you can recognise. The Grizzly EHS710L Long Reach Hedge Trimmer is certainly that and will be a superb purchase. For this reduced price, the Grizzly EHS710L Long Reach Hedge Trimmer is widely respected and is a regular choice amongst many people.

  • Powerful 710 watt electric motor, strong high quality metal gearing
  • Total Length 2.61 meters, Assembled weight 6.4kg
  • Cutter bar swivels by 150 dgrees and the handle adjusts by 180 degrees
  • 450mm blade, Lasercut diamond grinded blades
  • Safe Trimming Height of 3.5 meters

Product Description

This long reach hedge trimmer is designed to assist those of you often found struggling at the top of an unsteady ladder attempting to trim along the top of tall hedges in your garden. It is equiped with a loop handle and an adjustable shoulder strap to provide full operating comfort. To prevent damaging the electric cable fixing, a clever clable strain releif system is employed.

The full length EHS710L Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmer, powered with a 710 watt motor is ideal for anyone with very tall or difficult to reach areas of hedgerow. An overall lenght of 2.61 meteers gives you access to all areas while the 150 degree adjustable cutting blade (45cm in length) allows you complete flexibility in use.

Comes with Grizzlys 3 year manufacturer guarantee.